Kenai River Fishing Report 08-02-2015

08/02/2015 – J. W. Snyder – Fishing The Kenai


Kenai River Fishing Report:


Downstream of Skilak Lake, red (sockeye) salmon fishing usually winds down quickly in the Kenai River by mid- August. In the Kenai above Skilak Lake, however, early to mid-August is usually the best time to catch reds in this section of river and at the Russian River as well.

Silver salmon start showing up in the lower Kenai River in late July and early August, continuing through the season closure on November 30. In the Russian River area, silver fishing is usually good around the third week of August, and peaks during the second week of September.

Bait and treble/multiple hooks are allowed downstream of Skilak Lake through August 31. In the mainstem Kenai River (including Skilak Lake), as well as the Russian River area, once you keep your bag limit of silvers, you are done fishing for the day in those waters.

Bag and possession limits for silvers vary depending on the waters you are fishing. Be sure to check regulations before you go fishing.

On even-numbered years, lots of pink salmon provide an excellent angling opportunity during August and into September. Most people targeting pinks concentrate on the intertidal areas of the Kenai, from the Swiftwater boat launch area downstream to Cunningham Park in Kenai.

This concludes our 2015 Kenai River fishing report.

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