Kenai River Fishing Report 10-01-2015

10/01/2015 – J. W. Snyder – Fishing The Kenai 


Kenai River Fishing Report:


Anglers may find a few late season silver (coho) salmon in the Kenai River, through the season closure on November 30, but be prepared for cold and rainy conditions.

Through November 30th , anglers can use bait and treble/multiple hooks in the Kenai from its mouth upstream to the Upper Killey River. Upstream from the Upper Killey, only unbaited, single hook tackle may be used through December 31 st.

Starting December 1, anglers can still use multiple hooks on the Kenai from its mouth upstream to the Upper Killey, but no bait is allowed. The Upper Kenai River is single-hook, no bait year-round. The gap on the single hook can be no larger than 3/8-inch.

All other salmon fisheries on the Kenai are closed this time of year.

This concludes our 2015 Kenai River fishing report.



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